The goodbye and the start


All finshed up at work, how weird to not have anything to work towards. About to start out on that journey I first wrote about in a journal of mine years ago. Trying to find out whats important in life to me without the distraction of routine.

Finishing up a couple of weeks early to organize things was a great idea, like the hitchhiking I didnt organize much and seeing as I wasnt going to be in the rules of my own country anymore..I almost needed more time i found out. Also I had a coldplay concert to go to and that was a going to be a perfect send off. 


On the plane now, on my way to heathrow airport and the first hour of the journey. I havent been scared or excited…being a very in the moment type of person, and now having the freedom to not have any routine, plans or direction meant that up until now it felt like I was working towards this freedom . Looking out the window is amazing, I feel relaxed..ive said goodbye to everyone, more in depth with some than others, Telling them that I had no idea how long I was gone and where I would be. Saying goodbye to Julie at the airport wasnt easy and Ries who I was going to be spending the first 5 weeks with in england was struggling with the goodbye to his partner. 

These calipers are a pain already, not comfortable at all. Having an operation and spending 3 months in hospital to help me wander around a bit like Forrest Gump but a much much much slower version and with crutches turns out to be mabe more of an around the house idea…not a two 12 hour flight idea. Although I must admit even though super awkward to manouvre down the isle with them to the toilet, it was so much less emabarrasing than crawling down the isle for the inevitable toilet stop I would need to make. 


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