The Bustling london – The watch watching city.

London, You gave me no direction..wonderfully lost, in awe of your rush. I could have spent years there and not seen everything. Time was gone before I even started counting. Millions of people, and everyone on their own daily mission. 

After Brighton it was off to london, I had a room I could stay in at sile and alex’s house. As much as I’m someone that is drawn more to wilderness, London left its mark too. The transport mainly, Probably because when I went out it was over half the time on transport…Buses, Trains, undergrounds, ferries, pushing. 

Two weeks in total and I felt that I hadn’t even touched the surface of what London had to offer. Lively busking, everything moving and people everywhere from all over the world. I spent my 28th birthday in London and how wonderful it felt to be spending it in a new enviroment, wheeling around the streets, through the tubes and trains. Not everything was pictursque as like any major city but there was beauty all over, hidden away sometimes. 

My favourite experiences came from catching the tubes and trains, being enclosed with so many diversities, being able to watch people and interact with the busy people of London. I had been getting wonderfully lost on numerous occasions as some of the stops are wheelchair accessible to the street level, some only in between different undergrounds, and it took me awhile to figure out where and when to get off…some days I spent 3 or so hours getting somewhere being stuck going the wrong direction or going in a loop to catch a train that went somewhere I could get off…such an adventure. It was also partly because I just wanted to get on and just wing it to my destination which wasn’t the fastest way to get there but it was the most fun. 

Time does not go slowly in London as you are pushed up to the pace it runs at, and I could feel if I stayed months and years could’ve passed in an instant. London you amaze me but I cannot stay.


5 Comments on “The Bustling london – The watch watching city.

  1. Love London!! Was just there visiting a couple of weeks ago with my husband and feel like we weren’t able to even scratch the surface either. Thanks for sharing your experience! This takes me back to fond memories of this bustling, vibrant city πŸ˜‰


  2. I live in England but even to me London is such a strange place, the transport systems are just so messy and busy. you’re so right about how time just isn’t the same there. I feel like whenever I’m in London I end up lost, late and confused, while everyone else knows exactly where they’re going. It’s a place I love and a place I hate. Very weird is London. You’ve really captured a lot of how I feel about the place.


    • I know it’s certainly an experience isn’t it. I’m like you I loved it but more because it reminded me of what I didn’t want to get caught up in


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