Wayward wheeling – A blog of my Travels

Looking at my cake, 10 candles on it. This is when I remember the first wish I ever made…totally innocent to the world. Looking over the beautiful native bush of the west coast of the south island, I can see the other side of the valley and the river between this housebus and itself. I wished/prayed..spoke to the universe from my head, and the whole of belief of my heart to whatever was listening. pressing my eyelids together, took a breath and made my wish… I was happy but was in search for more.

This isnt about sadness, or me being in a chair… its about having a chance to view the world from a different perspective. So this blog is to follow me while im travelling, to laugh and love with me as I figure it all out. 

I had a car accident when i was 4 and a half, mum fell asleep at the wheel and the car drove off a bank in between nelson and motueka in New Zealand. Im in a wheelchair and have been since, as a quick run down as to how my body functions..it was my lower part of my spinal cord that was damaged. I can move my legs a little bit. i can only engage a couple of muscles in them faintly, but as someone in a chair who meets other people in chairs and all ranges of disabilities, the smallest of functions help with everyday life e.g. transfering, balance etc, we can all be thankful for something that someone else may not have. 

My whole life since my first wish Ive been searching, For happiness, fulfillment …something that made it all worth it. I’ve found it in sports, love, friends, career, learning, music, beauty, simplicity, challenge, fear. Now im searching through the experience of travel, the chance to put myself out to the world and see how it replies to the questions im asking. 

34 thoughts on “Wayward wheeling – A blog of my Travels

  1. Look forward to reading the rest of your adventure through your journey of life. Love the attitude you have towards your disability. Good luck and may you enjoy the beautiful part of our country that I was raised in. Love home so much. ( Westport /Granity etc ).


    1. Thanks Jude! 🙂 Nothing should stop anyone doing anything. Were you raised in the states? Or Westport?. I love the westcoast..I lived in Westport when I was younger…And a few other places on the coast, reckon I’m a coaster at heart haha


  2. If your life is easy and everything is handed to you, then you tend to be an unappreciative person but if you have had hardship and difficulty, if you have suffered then you learn to be compassionate you are usually a better person. Rule of thumb – there are always exceptions.


  3. You are a very talented young man with an exceptionally mature view of people. I chose to drop my comment here because I like what you have to say in this post. Reading all of your posts, it is obvious that you have grown and pushed the boundaries doing this, even beyond overcoming the challenges and obstacles that you have faced down and overcome to be who you are. I hate to say it but you will find that it is very true


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