America bound  – I’ve been bought back to reality


At Gatwick airport, Off to America today..This should be nice, on my own in a new enviroment. Carrying everything wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, I use my basketball wheelchair as a trolley for my backpack and throw my guitar on my back. 

I’m always early to the airport, I hate rushing..I have a bladder that opposite of a camel, so I have to go to the toilet just before I get on the plane and my worst fear is being late and then having to go to the toilet and hearing ” could a MR Eamon Wood make his way to the gate please”. That means I have to get on the plane and to my seat while everyone watches from their seat…Nightmare-ish stuff. 

Well I avoided all that and on the plane, America here I come. 


My Heart broke today, I live in a fantasy land where everyone treats everyone how they would like to be treated…that a Human is a Human, and that when we look at each other we see other Humans..not races, social statuses. So far I want to cry about how people were treating each other, people pushing in front of people, no-one helping one another and where I stayed in New Jersey, I was the only white person….There are still places segregated? I couldn’t believe it and even worse I could feel people felt they were hard done by, that whatever past there was, that people still lingered on it.

It feels poisonous, and I need to leave now.I feel like a innocent child having their innocence blanket ripped from their eyes. I Definetly need to find some positivity …ASAP


I cant leave that last paragraph in as the end to this post, The vibe got better as I left Newark,NJ. Philadelphia , the city of brotherly love, was the perfect place to go.

I couldnt buy a van like I had wanted so that threw my whole plan out for the trip, My plan to buy a van and vagabond around with my guitar and basketball chair, playing guitar and playing basketball all over the USA and sleeping in the van was out the window…I’m definetly having to be cautious of money now, I cant even afford to stay in hostels now if I want to last the 3 months I’m here. 

But we humans are master adapters, and i’ve had alot of practice in my life. So after a few days of being flustered and trying to make it work…I adapt and spend a week in a hostel in Philadelphia away from Newark to figure it out. I was also flustered on how to travel with my basketball chair now too,  I have nowhere to leave it so I caught an Uber, which was expensive and in retrospect after having had used the trains now I should have caught a train.

I spend a week socializing, and trying to figure it out…I want to travel this way, the way of freedom so I have to accept things not being organized and having to adapt. It makes for good stories too haha. I had my first workaway reply! saying yes that they have me for a couple weeks and that I would be painting radiators…at this stage I will do anything to not pay for accomadation. I had emailed so many places in the UK and being in a chair and without any references, I dont think people know whether they would have to help me with everything…I just needed one person to say yes, and now I have it!. 

I had to adapt from my van and becoming a professional basketball player in the states idea, into a workawayer …travelling around the US this way. 

All experince has its worth, even if its not the kind you intended to have. 


12 Comments on “America bound  – I’ve been bought back to reality

  1. Hi Eamon, just found this as I don’t do social media very well. So pleased you made it to Iona and enjoyed it. A special place. It was great to meet you, Wendy and I found your visit inspirational, we love your sense of adventure and admire your courage. If you’re ever this way again and need a place to stay, give us a shout. Be safe. Nick and Wendy

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    • I’m glad you found it 🙂 well without you I wouldn’t have even found Iona.

      I definitely will, and I can’t wait to see you in New Zealand! It’ll be my turn to show you some beautiful places….And share more NZ wine haha


  2. We would love that Eamon, both being shown some of your favourites spots in NZ and sampling some more of that wine, or even a combination of the two!! Just need to work out a time when we’re all there.


  3. I’m sorry that you had the problems in the USA . Unfortunately , some places here in the states are still segregated . We like to say we’re enlightened in this country , but as an American I’m ashamed to say that we aren’t .


  4. I’m DEFINITELY finding it easier to fight cravings. My worst temptors are: dried dates, dark chocolate and artisan low-sugar marzipan.I’ve actually stopped liking the smell of bread and most pastries, though sometimes a smell of proper, home-made stuff catches me off guard. Anything processed just gives off that &#;8g082loopyࢭ smell that I don’t like any more. As for cheesecake: I’m starting to make my own with egg-almond bases! Yum!Alice recently posted..


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