Time to get lost – But on purpose

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing​ where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it”

Next week I’m heading down the east coast from snowy Pennsylvania to sunny Florida. My goal is to get lost in the wilderness,  So I’m making my way either to Arizona to get lost in the desert or Colorado to get lost in the mountains. I have a Tent, sleeping bag and everything I should need packed away in the backpack. 

28 last month, and I feel that the less I search..the happier I am. 22 was around when I decided that I was going to work towards less. That instead of making life more complicated I was going to work towards making it simpler, which meant working backwards. To get a area of freedom, I would need land. To buy land, I would need money and to get money I needed a way to make it, so it seemed anyway. So in my early to mid twenties I busted my arse, I finished my apprecnticeship in engineering after a few years and worked with the same company for a total 6 years. I trained ALOT, travelling and playing tennis and basketball at a international level. 

The challenge was to not get caught up in it all, to remember that it was simplicity I was working towards. To remember that I didn’t need a mansion or fast cars. To remind myself, I would go lay on the grass and watch the sky or the trees..Existing in the moment, forgetting about what we are all working so hard to get. Looking at the sky would always dwarf me too and put me back into place, and keep me wondering what was really important…What is really important? I’d love to hear some ideas, seriously. 

So wilderness here I come, be ready. 
“The tolerance for uncertainty is the prerequisite to succeeding”


41 Comments on “Time to get lost – But on purpose

  1. You’re on the right track mate. I always found time in the wilderness helped me understand just what was most important to me. Too much time away from it and I felt lost. And being lost helped me find myself again. Enjoy.

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  2. This is so awesome to read Eamon.
    I can’t believe what a grounded dude you’ve grown to become from the wee boy from the Coast I met 20years ago
    Can’t wait to read of your adventures.
    If you’re ever in Dallas, Tx my best mate lives there and would definitely put you up


    • Thanks Kerry 🙂 I’m still a coaster heart haha I haven’t seen you in ages! Hope all the kids and everything are awesome.

      Ok awesome! I’ll let you know, I am going through Texas but I’m heading through Austin probably..But that may change.


  3. Great photo. You ask “what is really important?” In my opinion one really important aim is just how many lives we can touch in a positive way whilst we’re here.
    If you decide to head to Colorado, we have some friends in Denver we could put you in touch with. Let me know. N & W


    • Thanks Nick, you guys are definitely doing an amazing job then…And I hope to do the same while I’m here. I definitely will 🙂 I’ll send you an update email after a couple weeks.

      P.s. send some photos of the garden, I’d love to see how it’s going once you guys get a chance to get out there.


  4. Great post! I think the world has become so money-driven, career driven and competitive that we often survive instead of living our life. Getting lost and escaping from the real world often leads you to find some much needed sanity. Hope you’d find yours! After all, it’s the experience that counts not the materials.

    Zinara 🙂 natnzin.com


  5. Existing in the moment, forgetting about what we are all working so hard to get. This is my favorite line and your totally right. We all need to remind ourselves from now and then.. great post!

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  6. I love the idea of getting lost so no one can find me. Think life would be a lot simpler. Maybe time for me to reflect and make a few changes too. Good luck with your trip. It sounds amazing 😊

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  7. I wish you all the best on your trip ahead! I hope you do get lost, and discover whole new places and taste the read adventure! Be safe!


    • Absolutely, I hope that your getting the simplicity that your after..And likewise about your adventures. Yes I see you have just been! I can’t wait to get there 🙂


  8. Enjoyed reading this! I would say the important things are the relationships you have with friends and family, whilst trying to be the best human you can while on this planet. To me this means being empathetic to other people and respecting the environment and animals. Good luck with your trip!


  9. Enjoyed reading this! I would say the important things are the relationships you form with other people, and trying to be the best human you can while on this planet. To me this means treating other people with empathy and the environment and animals with kindness and respect. Good luck with your trip!


    • I like that, treat people and the world how you would like to be treated yourself. Thank you..I am learning it is the people you connect with and the positive relationships and impressions made. Thank you and good luck with you 🙂


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  11. Really enjoyed this read! I love the thought of getting lost alone… especially because when you are somewhere alone and secluded, you really reconnect with yourself and block out all the noise and chaos of the outside world!


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  13. It’s really amazing and funny how much more you can explore and experience by geting lost. And usually it is not that difficult to find your way back.
    We had couple situtions like this in Africa and there was nothing to regret.


  14. I love that you use quotes and worked to have a simpler life that was more meaningful. I’m currently starting that bit (after travelling) to work towards the simpler life and setting up myself financially. But I’ll take it lightly and remember to have fun along the way as I just turned 25!


    • That sounds perfect!…just remember to keep the bigger picture in mind when your setting yourself up, sometimes we accidentally get caught up in getting loans, or buying things we don’t need. Absolutely! 25 is perfect…enjoy the ride for sure, no point achieving something if you can’t enjoy it 🙂

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