Why I travel on my own 

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” – Nelson Mandela

While I’ve been travelling, people are amazed that I’m travelling on my own. Here’s why I do it and you should do it at least once.

Have you ever been so scared you didn’t do something? and then not feeling any satisfaction afterwards. How about doing something even when you it scares the sh#t out of you, and then feeling unstoppable once you have done it. I want the feeling of invincibility. 

As long as I remember ive been doing things that have scared me, Not just a little bit. pushing up in front of the class to introduce myself in the 13 or 15 different schools I went to growing up, going out in public, hitting the dance floor at a nightclub, going swimming and everyone seeing my chicken legs haha,  travelling with no one to help.As like any one of you I’m always scared. The difference is that the feeling that comes after conquering something that scares you has replaced the fear. fear is associated with confidence and succeeding now. 

Being in my present moment, and just being a yesman is how my fear is is transformed into mental invincibility. Lessons are learned from experience, experience comes from putting yourself in experiences way, comfortability and a path that leads to experience don’t generally go hand in hand. If comfort is presented in front of me, it is hard not to take that option. I could travel with my best friend, and not speak to the person next to me on the plane. I could stay in hotels and not speak to the person sleeping above me. I could drive myself and not be picked up by stranger with an amazing story..But wheres the fun in that. 

Now next time something comes up that scares you..dancing when people can see you, showing someone a talent for the first time, sharing how you actually feel, connecting with a stranger…Bring yourself in the moment and do it. 

Let me know how you get on and whether you died or felt like you just lived. 


63 Comments on “Why I travel on my own 

  1. YOU are lIVING! I loved reading this! Please keep LIVING and inspiring! Fear can be the most stifling emotion, if we allow it. People like you are proof that fear should be an indicator to act! Growth generally doesn’t come from comfort. Grow. Live. Be.

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  2. Life is a strange thing, like, if you didn’t put a Like on my first ever post on my blog a few days ago then i wouldn’t have noticed your blog which just gave me a lot of strength! Thanks for that Like! Keep up the good work and encourage others! Hope you are having a good time! 😀 ^^


  3. Love this post. First of all thank you for following my blog posts . I really appreciate it . I love it when fellow bloggers enjoy my blog . Secondly , with this post , you are speaking my language ! If I had to wait for someone to travel with me , I would never have traveled anywhere . And if you don’t know my motto by now, now you do. STAYING HOME IS NOT AN OPTION !

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    • I thought I had replied but obviously I didn’t 🙂 I absolutely enjoyed your blog! I love your motto and it’s not an option…There is a big wide world out there, so I wish you all the love for your journeys.

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  4. I loved the feeling of freedom and independence when I travelled alone. You really do feel like the world is your oyster.

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      • I actually went to Philadelphia with a friend and her cousin , they really did not want to visit anything , and we ended up leaving Philadelphia a day than we were supposed to . That experience soured me on Philadelphia for the longest time . When I went by myself , I saw so much more and really enjoyed the experience . Same with Washington DC also . Most of the time now , I go by myself .


  5. I love this! I’m a big hiker and so I also enjoy that rush of accomplishment after a thrilling hike! I just love your writing style…I’ll be following you for sure!


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  8. Wonderful post ! Really agree with most of what you have written here.. I too prefer going solo or with my family and avoid going with friends primarily because while traveling , you just want to be yourself and not pretending to be someone else..you want to do whatever you feel like..having said that, whether you travel solo or otherwise , travelling always makes you richer .Well here is my list of 3 best things that Travelling does to you (2 min read)…
    Would really love to hear best things that you think travelling actually does !!


  9. When I was 18 I was traveling to visit friends with a person I barely knew who mistook my presence for intimacy and began dictating what to to to me. Being from California I was not a person that got attached to someone overnight so I made one of the bravest decisions of my life. I told him to take me to the post office where I mailed my suitcase home and took off down a road along the Oregon coast. I hitchhiked to Idaho and Colorado where I eventually settled down for a season of skiing. Alone. (I had my dog) This has led to a lifetime of independence. While I wouldn’t recommend hitchhiking to any 18 year old girl in this day and age we live in, it wasn’t exactly safe then. I had to get myself out of many difficult situations. But I learned a tenacity and the lesson that we are “much Braver than we think, we are much Stronger than we know” ~ Christopher Robin.
    To this day, I prefer to travel alone even though I have a large family.


    • That is an amazing story, I think we should put ourselves in danger more than we do…we can appreciate something alot more once we realize how precious it can be. Plus anytime you come out of something that was hard, you know the next thing will have to be harder to best you and keep doing that and soon things that were hard, become less frightening for sure. What an amazing story though Olivia 🙂 thank you for sharing it

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  10. Awesome read! I totally agree with you! 2 months ago I traveled for the first time on an airplane since I have been wheelchair bound in 2013. The fear of people staring at me, the fear of having an accident (due to bladder control issues), the fear of holding everyone up while finding a seat on the airplane all went away once I lived the experience! Once I returned home, I wanted to travel again hhhhhh I felt exhilarated! I felt I conquered something great! I felt invincible!


    • I definitely feel the same thing about flying, flying is probably my least favorite thing about Travelling in a chair but I’m so glad you did it, and being on the next trip for you! 🙂

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      • I’m still in awe that your traveling alone and places you’ve never been to before! That’s the scariest thing for me. I always have to plan ahead and ask all the questions “are there accessible bathrooms?” Etc


      • That is probably my main thing too, I’ve been caught out alot.. but alot of places have accessible bathrooms, and if they don’t I always go to a supermarket or chain or some kind like McDonald’s etc Because no matter where you are in the world they are accessible


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