Peace, it’s beautiful

“peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa

We are all from the same place, a place being something that is everything. A place is simply an existance, whether it is observable, thinkable or something that is felt. The observable place of our time is the universe and in time it may be that we understand that its even bigger than that. We are all going to end up in this same place, one way or another. 

To treat each and everyone with respect, honesty and love. Smile at everyone because love reflects love, when I smile at you, you smile in reflection even if it’s an smile inside. We all have our goals in this life, but we have our goals as a human race too. Regardless of race, disability, age, beliefs or financial status our goal as a human race is to work together with love and unity, because in the speck of life of the universe that we have seen, in ages to come if hate and war is how we survive I would have rather died in a time of unity and peace. If I die tomorrow with love and unity, I will have died happy. Living for an eternity at the price of hate and non trust, is that worth our basic instinct of survival?.

Any act is justified if it’s done with honesty, love and respect..even death. 

4 thoughts on “Peace, it’s beautiful

  1. … that The Age’s alleged bias had also had the “hopefully unintended by-product of legitimising antisemitism in this co#hrty&u8221;.Tnat wouldn’t have anything to do with Australian Jewish leaders such as Mr. Searle and Dr. Lamm confounding criticism of Israeli actions with “scant respect for the [Australian] Jewish community” now, would it?


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