The path to fulfillment and happiness

Life is simple, or as complex as you make of it. If you look at the universal language of mathematics all of life’s equations are a balance…one side of the equation is the simplest form of the answer, and the other side a more in depth complex version of the same answer. Different perspectives of the same thing. A + B = C , both equal C.  

I want to give an insight to how I achieve a sense of fulfillment and happiness everyday

Follow your heart, the mind does a lot of our work and is the reason for the in depth complex version of the equation and a lot of my happiness comes from the simplicity of the choices I make, and the paths I go down. The mind is amazing and beautiful, But can override the heart and life can pass by. Ask yourself what makes you happy, honestly happy. Are you doing what makes you happy? don’t forget to look at the equation from both sides. I believe happiness, true happiness comes from the love of something. Love I think comes from the mind and heart being in harmony, my mind is always busy but as I quieten and have faith in my instincts, and trust my heart to have more of a say what direction I go I am instantly happier. everyday I make decisions totally based on my emotion without a thought involved, no future , no past ..just now.

Be honest, Be honest with yourself and everything else. Being honest is hard, it can go against human nature to trust and have an honest existence. To have the intention of honesty creates trust, trust encourages love. Love is expansive and expands your awareness and the awareness of people around you. Honesty takes practice and I practice honesty which each person I meet. 

To be honest with yourself,  all your actions create a reaction and to accept the reaction with honesty and without excuse. The quicker the acceptance of this reaction, the more you move forward with the next action. for example your goals, or your direction, your relationships with all things around you evolve/flow with less resistance when the last reaction, good or bad, is accepted honestly. 

Spend a moment of everyday in the moment, we all get caught up in work, relationships, money and everything that seems to be relaxant to the modern day. Our minds fill up with huge amounts of information and emotions… So take one moment to stop everything, be totally aware of everything around you and the world you live in. To have things put into perspective, to smell the air that gives you life, to watch the trees and the sky that also provide the life we are living. The beauty is that it is free, you can do it anywhere and there is no time limit. It’s all transferrable, you bring yourself into the moment before a sporting match your about to play, before a presentation, a date, or anytime things start to become overwhelming. 

Respect and compassion, It starts within myself which means that I have to respect my body and I try to exercise, which doesn’t necessarily mean go pump weights at the gym, but just spend time outside, drink water and eat foods that have some nutritional value. Healthy body, healthy mind. A lot of happiness can be chemical too, and food is our fuel. If we put bad fuel into our bodies, it won’t run as smoothly. 

Then to have respect and compassion for our fellow man, all living things around us. Every single day of our life’s we are interacting with everything, just as everything around us is interacting back. To have respect and compassion, to have an openness to these interactions whether we understand it or not is one of the main sources of my fulfillment in this life. 

Most of all, drive yourself…have the best existence that you desire to have. Appreciate the good times, appreciate the hard times. Its all life! although some choices are taken away from you, you have the absolute ability to control the perspective at which you look at any and all of life paths.

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