Travel songs – Waywardwheeler


Hello to all you lovely, creative, beautiful people ❤🌏
I’ve been travelling around 8 months now, vagabonding around and as I go I write travel songs. And I’d love to involve you in inspiring me and to help write a new memory/travel song for me
Life is short, don’t hide ❤

Here is a link to the travel song I would love your ideas, P.s. Instagram only let’s me upload one minute videos, so it’s just something to help you come up with something, anything …so you all will be part of the next travel song I write ❤

Travel song – By you

Music has always been a love, it is something that has made life beautiful for me. I listen to music everyday and it can take my imagination to wonderful places. I taught myself the guitar around 22 as a way to make my own beautiful sounds, and as a way to express myself the same was I get to express myself with writing.

I loved to pick up the guitar after work and just jam out, and I travel around with my guitar even as bulky as it is because when I watch the sunrise, or amoung a beautiful mountain looking over what seems to be a dreamland..the first feeling I get is a feeling of wonder and beauty, I feel the same way with music.

Keep up the love my fellow nomads, wanderers, vagabonds and beautiful people.

Here are some of my other Travel songs (p.s. have not named them haha)

Travel songs – Kiwiland

Travel songs – America

Travel songs – The UK

Also don’t be afraid of writing anything in the comments either, everything will have it’s value

So comment below anything, words, phrases and emojis and let’s inspire each other.


7 thoughts on “Travel songs – Waywardwheeler

  1. I was expecting words. The travel songs I used to sing with my kids were rather colorful — like “Grandma’s in the Cellar, Lordy Can’t you Smell ‘er.” 🙂

    Well…it kept them busy.

    There’s a lot of your free spirit in your songs. One day you might have a documentary made of your travels, and you don’t have to worry about having the sound track for it.


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