“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

Everyone probably has there favourite way to get from here to there while travelling, here are mine. Travelling all around the world for 8 months now, also having travelled alot for sport all over in the past I have tried many different ways of getting around as you can imagine. Being in a chair dictates a little bit on my favourite way to get around while travelling…But I love to travel, and there are so many ways to do it..chair or no chair. 

A sunrise in Interlaken, switzerland after a night of freedom camping in the trees.

Pushing, now that’s my favourite by far..I guess most of you would call it walking though. I must have pushed 1000s’ and 1000s’ of kilometers while travelling, or even in regular life I prefer this. I’m someone that loves to get lost up in my head a lot.. so pushing means I get that blood pumped around, I get to look around and lay on the grass immediately if I please and most of all I get to control where I go without bothering anyone. This is definitely why I pushed from Miami to Key West in my 160 miles of freedom (click link) and why I have the loving urge to push long distances. Its like the feeling of riding with the top down on a convertible but times a million. Also perfect if your on a budget, as the fuel is cheap…a few bananas, a sandwich and maybe a coffee. 

Pushing along the road in Switzerland, and looking back down after a long push uphill.

Drink break in while pushing through some Switzerland forest.

My second favourite is hitchhiking, although slightly less relaxing if you are worried about people staring at you as they drive on by. The rewards from pushing along the road and putting yourself out to the universe for someone to pick you up, and I’ve always had amazing people pick me up. They always have a story and So do I so its nice ride. Also its a nice mix between being out in the elements, having time to think and also not having to spend days walking 100s of kilometres. Plus again is perfect if you are travelling on a budget…definitely give it a go once for the experience. 

Hitchhiking across a 7 mile bridge in the Keys in America.

I always like having the ability to follow where my heart wants to go with the least amount of drama about changes to plans at the last second, so renting or borrowing a car is my next choice. Also the great thing about a car is that you never have to worry if you get stuck somewhere without accommodation because you have it with you and you can park your accommodation where ever you heart desires. The more expensive of the top 3 choices but is worth it if you can, you can cover long distances in a short amount of time with the complete luxury of being able to go where you want with no dramas. Finding a car with handcontrols can be a bit of a mission though so the top 2 for me end up being easiest most of the time…but that shouldn’t be a problem for you. 

Roadtripping through Sweden in a rental, sleeping in the back anywhere the heart desired.

Now when it comes to buses and trains, I prefer the trains even though they are more expensive most of the time..for long or short journeys. They are super easy usually to get onto being in a chair as they are platform level or have lifts, and I can get on with the least amount of people looking…ANND there are toilets on them. Then sit back and enjoy the scenery. However when I have to be money conscious I end up catching a bus because they have generally been cheaper. 

Catching a train in Denmark, little did I know I was on the wrong side and would end up in Sweden.

If it weren’t for the long distances to travel, and the fact I get to watch so many movies in a row I would choose planes last. Purely from the point of view of being in a chair I would say…lines, check in, getting to the toilet, having to be on time so you don’t miss the flight and sometimes having to get on in front of a whole plane make it my least favourite. That sounds all very negative but they are fine, and often cheaper than buses and trains but I just prefer every other possible way of travel first. 

Tell me your favourite ways to travel, I’m always looking for new ways 🙂

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