“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” – Nelson Mandela

The definition of home has now changed for me, where as home to some may be the house they grew up in that their parents still live in, or maybe the city they grew up in…as I sit here reflecting on what has just happened in the last year, I learned how to make a situation my home in a very short amount of time. I was assumed a few times (I imagine because of my big beard) to be homeless, my response being I am not homeless, I am home free. Free to make the world my home, to have a home here and then the next day my home there. I admit there is a warm feeling of familiarity as I come back into New Zealand though, I enjoy and soak in this feeling.

For sure arriving back into Auckland airport in New Zealand was a strange thing after being away in the other hemisphere for nine months. The vibe was light, and strangers around you made jokes and conversation as if you were family. Also taking me a day or so for my ear to adjust to the accent as I had not met many Kiwi’s on my travels.ย 

Sleeping on a friends couch, thinking about where to from here…working, training and catching up with friends over a coffee just as I was before I left. Another two months and it will be nice and warm for our christmas. It still blows my mind how quick a year is rolling around…and how quick the now becomes a memory.ย 

I’m not quite ready to be living in memory just yet, I have no reason to. Its time to go out and make them while you can. I have questions to be answered, how far can I push myself?…how lost can I actually get?. The questions will evolve the more I search I’m sure but I wont be able to see anything if I have my eyes closed.

What are your questions? where are your eyes right now?.ย