The year after ‘The year’

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Buddha

From the outside it looks like a quiet year has slipped by, with only the odd Facebook update or Insta post. It is ironic because after all that wandering, I came home to be completely lost – maybe that’s just what happens as you exit your twenties? But when you ask me about my year, I will say it was filled with kind hearts and loud laughs, languages and new friends, vibes right and starry nights, music and dancing until 3am.

After being the best man at a beautiful wedding and then returning from a big basketball competition in Beijing (The two reasons I returned to NZ) I looked for a place on my own, and found one out in the most raw and beautifully rugged places – Birdlings Flat.

I had nothing planned in front of me which is unusual, its always been move out of home, finish studying, train and work towards traveling…now I am back…crazy. The first few months back was an internal clash of my mind wanting to be free but also wanting something to have a fire and drive for a goal – so I waited it out and let things evolve naturally. The house I rented backed on to the beach at birdlings flat and I spent the whole summer drinking wine, playing music, finishing ‘A Backpack, a chair and Beard’ the book and watched the sun go down on that beach.



After a while, I went back onto couchsurfing but this time as a host. Then I spent the next few months doing much of the same from summer but now it was with travelers with all equally amazing stories, some of their journeys just starting and some journeys ending….I could relate. some shaked with excitement as they started on their way and others cried as they say goodbye to their adventure and make their way home. Everyone that stayed though left an impression on me, and I am heading in the direction I am now because of their stay.

One of the times I picked up a wicked Austrian, Dan, straight off the place….took him for a sunset beer and then dragged him around town to various live music gigs before we made our way up to a New years gathering. Then another – Alexis, the uni-cycling Frenchman, I took to watch my younger sister run her cross country race and then we spent the week learning french and laughing. Dodo the crazy German was my favourite, driving up the hills on the quadbike to watch the sunset and coming back down in the moonlight, spending a few days out on the beach yelling out at the angry ocean.

The list goes on with crazy stories to be told over a nice cup of tea in a few years time, if you are wondering to host travelers…do it, what an experience.

Now here I am, on a Thursday night in September…Birdlings flat, been and gone…as I ready myself for my next adventure – where to next for me? well you will just have to wait and see… 😉 ….. à bientôt mes amis!!.


A year after the year – without the details.

5 thoughts on “The year after ‘The year’

  1. It was gratifying to read your words. I’ve thought of you from time to time.
    Your comment about coming home and being lost hit home profoundly. I’m having the same experience after an immersive journey I thought would open a new life for me. It did not. So, on to the next roam.
    I hope to read more of your newest adventure – Bon Voyage, MaryGo

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  2. Hey Eamon, nice to read your latest blog and certainly looking forward to your book. Just a reminder that if ever you find yourself up in our hemisphere we can offer you more than a couch.
    Birdlings Flat sounds idyllic you’ll have to take us there if ever we’re both under the Southern Cross at the same time.
    Take care Nick and Wendy


  3. Believe it or not I’ve been wondering lately what ever happened to you. I’m so happy for you and all that you have experienced. But life is long so you must plan for that length. Be well my friend.


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