“Push yourself,  push past what you think you can do and then know your capable of anything” 

I’m not someone that plans things, I love to go with the flow and follow the opportunities as they arise. So when someone told me that the sunset was celebrated every night down in Key West…I got sold on the idea of going down, I mean could there be anything more worth celebrating than the celestial body that provides life to us on earth?. I planned to Hitchhike down to Key West from Miami, Then someone told me the day before I was going to hitchhike down that there is a Cycle path pretty much the whole way in the Keys…well why not push down I thought. I love the sun, I love adventure and most of all I love to push myself physically not only because I know the wheelchair wont slow me down..But that excercise is the perfect anti-depressant, the biggest high you will get is from pushing your body and mind past what you think it might be capable of. To get to a point where you have to talk to your body to keep your body moving, with sweat running into your eyes and the burn of your muscles, each breath valued…I live for that feeling.

If your ever struggling with anything in life..go for a run, swim, push, bike or anything where you can exhaust yourself physically and bring you back to your simplist appreciations. Like your breath, your heartbeat and you have pushed so hard that you only have enough energy to be in the moment, the valuable energy that you have at the moment is spent on the processes of the now and only positivity can fill your mind. 

Day 1 – The sun battle

I hadn’t planned anything, I didn’t think of what I should pack, where I should stay or how or where the path was. I just literally left where I had been staying, went and got a coffee and started pushing..hopefully in the right direction. Stopping off to pump up my tyres at a bike shop I started on the path which was slowly turning from Miami city to a seemingly endless backroad. I loved the physical push, it was hot and I knew I was getting burnt so had to stop off and buy a hat. 20 or so miles later after enduring the sun, drinking all the water from my camelback, sticky and burnt from the sun I found a Hostel which had someone had recommended and thankfully they had room because I needed to tend to my burns with some Aloe vera from the hostel garden and refuel for tomorrow. 

At the very start in Miami before the sun and sweat haha

Day 2/3 – what a distance, what an experience..Two days merged into one

Having been told there was no space on the road inbetween Florida City and Key Largo I decided that I would bus to Key Largo ( the start of the florida keys) which was about 20 miles. Another day of extreme sun but I wore a t-shirt and used alot of sunblock to try recover today, yesterday meant that I had to manage myself today with the sun. I pushed, and pushed..I started at about 9 am and stopped around 1 to have lunch, and then kept pushing. Around the 20 mile mark I started to look for places to stay the night, preferably a hostel or something cheap..this was around 3pm. No such luck and I got a bit off the maintrack and was now wheeling on the road, thumb out to hitch a ride back to the main road where there was a path. getting a ride with Rocky, Liinci and there new born daughter and hungout with them for a little while down at a beach and them showing me some local spots that might not be so busy with this crazy traffic of people where I could possibly sneak in and sleep on the beach for the night. It was around 4 when they dropped me off at a beach place but it was busy and I still felt like pushing. So I pushed, kept getting further and it kept getting later until it was dark and I was still pushing and hadn’t found somewhere to stay for the night, I asked around but everywhere was booked out…I should have picked a weekend that wasn’t spring break and also easter weekend haha. 

Pushing over the bridges in the day was ok, I was close to the cars but I knew they could see me but I came to a bridge about 10 pm and I had luckily accidently packed my headtorch so I had that on while I was pushing otherwise I would have wheeled straight into the ocean probably. This was bridge with a big arc to allow boats to go under and I asked people that were fishing if I could catch a ride over, no response. I tried hitchhiking over, no response…so I decided I should wait until the early hours of the morning when traffic died down, at this stage I was pretty keen on having a rest and sleeping but there was no where…The grass was full of beady eyed spiders, so that was out. I wheeled down a bank, unknowingly through some cactus plants, and chilled in the bush for some sleep in my chair. I tried to sleep but I kept hearing sounds and wasn’t sure what was hiding in the bush so out of desperation of trying to find somewhere to rest I pushed  over this bridge with my headlamp facing backwards and pushed as fast as I could being prepared to dodge cars and to be yelled at. 

I made it, and kept pushing it was about 1 am when I started singing repeatly because there were no people around and this endless path was getting making me insane probably ” I push for days and days” I kept singing that for some reason. About 2 am I decided to sleep on this pedestrian bridge that runs along the main car bridge, amazingly there were some people fishing in the dark and a couple of what looked like homeless people..jumped out of my chair, put my warm jacket on, used my backpack as a pillow and lay down to try and sleep under the moon in this concrete island in the middle of the ocean with the wind blowing. 

After a couple hours sleep I kept pushing, around 5 am and fell asleep on the steps to a motel waiting for it to open at 8am..I waited and then was told there was no room. My eyes were popping out of my head and my body was feeling like it had just pushed 50 miles which I did. I saw a bus go by and was so tired and hungry, and thought to myself ” why would I choose easter weekend and also a spring break weekend” thats what happens when you just go, I can live with that. I decided to catch up bus back up to Edwards in Miami who was awesome and let me stay, so I could have a shower and wash the 50 miles of sweat off, eat and sleep and continue in a couple of days when it wasn’t easter weekend. Wow watching the bus drive for a couple of hours and seeing how far I pushed was cool. It didn’t seem that far because I wasn’t focused on the destination, I just kept pushing. 

Day 5 – rested, ready and eager to get back pushing

After I was rested I realised how much I missed being out on my own, in the unknown. I caught a bus back down to marathon which was where I had caught the bus from to come back up. Meeting up with Marta who was a friend through a friend, and I always love meeting people especially when there is a common connection. I stayed in a hostel there, which I sort of snuck into. Up before 8am to start pushing again, pushing about 32 miles and having to try to hitchhike across a 7 mile long bridge before I found somewhere to stay. A campsite, I tried to talk the price down seeing as I was getting a tent site but was going to sleep outside. Always appreciating a place to shower and charge my phone, have a place to chill and refuel. That night I got out of my chair and slept on a park bench under the stars, what a beautiful night…except for the millions of mosquitos, I slept wearing my jacket backwards with the hood over the front of my face and my hands tucked in…genius, it stopped the bites anyway, mabe not something to do if you want to look cool though. 

Hitching across the 7 mile bridge just outside of Marathon

Day 6 – The final destination, Key west

I knew I would make it to to the most southern point of the USA today, getting up early and pushing along the road, over bridges and through towns. 8 am to about 12 I was pushing today, not as long as the other days. I had come 120 or so miles…now for the last stretch. I really did enjoy the sun, and having my music in. Along the way in stores and people on the street would come up and say that they saw me wheeling along the road or where ever, there was pretty much no one on this path down the keys so I stuck out more than I usually would. 
Finally I made it, I was so sweaty and my clothes were drenched so I had to find showers. I found a community pool, on a rooftop which was awesome. Literally only locals there..I got to cool down and refresh so that I could go celebrate the sunset with the rest of the tourists of Key west. After going in to one of the 300 bars in Key West to listen to some music, getting mistaken for a homeless man (again) and catching up with Aramis who I had organised to couchsurf on his houseboat for the night, I went down to Mallory sqauare..watched the performers and looked out on to the ocean at the sunset and said thank you. 

Thank you for teaching me that I dont need much, that things will work out even if you have to sleep outside. That you can journey as long and as far as you like if you appreciate the journey, that the destination is just a milestone of a start, the start of a bigger journey. 

Heres a link to a video I made on facebook


A giveaway – how I’ll share my love

“Happiness is not so much in having as sharing, we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”

I literally want to give you the backpack off my back, and all the gear with it…My sleeping bag, and tent. Someone out there needs change or mabe they have already started. Someone out there wants experience and may need a small hand to start it. Love reflects love and here is how I’m loving you. There more I travel the more I realise I don’t need much, So I want to give you my gear and not only lighten my load but share it with love. All pretty new, it doesn’t come with a receipt but it comes with a story, love and a small change. 

A macpac 50 litre backpack

A macpac 500 escapade sleeping bag

A companion pro-hiker tent

Share this with someone you think may need a helping start, or nominate someone on their behalf. Like my page and message me with a letter or video telling me where you would use it and any lovely story about yourself 🙂  My facebook page link is at the bottom of the page along with my email. I’ll pick someone and if possible I will personally come and drop it off. Small changes, Big love. 

All I ask is that when you have finished your adventure and have no need for the gear that you pass it on to someone who is ready to start their adventure and have this backpack passed on with love.

This isn’t just about me giving something away to help someone, it’s to pay foward all the times someone has smiled at me, talked to me and helped me with my life, shaping who I am today. So hopefully this video reminds you to do something small, to someone you may not even know. 

Small changes, Big love.

Eamon wood



Peace, it’s beautiful

“peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa

We are all from the same place, a place being something that is everything. A place is simply an existance, whether it is observable, thinkable or something that is felt. The observable place of our time is the universe and in time it may be that we understand that its even bigger than that. We are all going to end up in this same place, one way or another. 

To treat each and everyone with respect, honesty and love. Smile at everyone because love reflects love, when I smile at you, you smile in reflection even if it’s an smile inside. We all have our goals in this life, but we have our goals as a human race too. Regardless of race, disability, age, beliefs or financial status our goal as a human race is to work together with love and unity, because in the speck of life of the universe that we have seen, in ages to come if hate and war is how we survive I would have rather died in a time of unity and peace. If I die tomorrow with love and unity, I will have died happy. Living for an eternity at the price of hate and non trust, is that worth our basic instinct of survival?.

Any act is justified if it’s done with honesty, love and respect..even death. 

Why I travel on my own 

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” – Nelson Mandela

While I’ve been travelling, people are amazed that I’m travelling on my own. Here’s why I do it and you should do it at least once.

Have you ever been so scared you didn’t do something? and then not feeling any satisfaction afterwards. How about doing something even when you it scares the sh#t out of you, and then feeling unstoppable once you have done it. I want the feeling of invincibility. 

As long as I remember ive been doing things that have scared me, Not just a little bit. pushing up in front of the class to introduce myself in the 13 or 15 different schools I went to growing up, going out in public, hitting the dance floor at a nightclub, going swimming and everyone seeing my chicken legs haha,  travelling with no one to help.As like any one of you I’m always scared. The difference is that the feeling that comes after conquering something that scares you has replaced the fear. fear is associated with confidence and succeeding now. 

Being in my present moment, and just being a yesman is how my fear is is transformed into mental invincibility. Lessons are learned from experience, experience comes from putting yourself in experiences way, comfortability and a path that leads to experience don’t generally go hand in hand. If comfort is presented in front of me, it is hard not to take that option. I could travel with my best friend, and not speak to the person next to me on the plane. I could stay in hotels and not speak to the person sleeping above me. I could drive myself and not be picked up by stranger with an amazing story..But wheres the fun in that. 

Now next time something comes up that scares you..dancing when people can see you, showing someone a talent for the first time, sharing how you actually feel, connecting with a stranger…Bring yourself in the moment and do it. 

Let me know how you get on and whether you died or felt like you just lived. 

Time to get lost – But on purpose

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing​ where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it”

Next week I’m heading down the east coast from snowy Pennsylvania to sunny Florida. My goal is to get lost in the wilderness,  So I’m making my way either to Arizona to get lost in the desert or Colorado to get lost in the mountains. I have a Tent, sleeping bag and everything I should need packed away in the backpack. 

28 last month, and I feel that the less I search..the happier I am. 22 was around when I decided that I was going to work towards less. That instead of making life more complicated I was going to work towards making it simpler, which meant working backwards. To get a area of freedom, I would need land. To buy land, I would need money and to get money I needed a way to make it, so it seemed anyway. So in my early to mid twenties I busted my arse, I finished my apprecnticeship in engineering after a few years and worked with the same company for a total 6 years. I trained ALOT, travelling and playing tennis and basketball at a international level. 

The challenge was to not get caught up in it all, to remember that it was simplicity I was working towards. To remember that I didn’t need a mansion or fast cars. To remind myself, I would go lay on the grass and watch the sky or the trees..Existing in the moment, forgetting about what we are all working so hard to get. Looking at the sky would always dwarf me too and put me back into place, and keep me wondering what was really important…What is really important? I’d love to hear some ideas, seriously. 

So wilderness here I come, be ready. 
“The tolerance for uncertainty is the prerequisite to succeeding”

America bound  – I’ve been bought back to reality


At Gatwick airport, Off to America today..This should be nice, on my own in a new enviroment. Carrying everything wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, I use my basketball wheelchair as a trolley for my backpack and throw my guitar on my back. 

I’m always early to the airport, I hate rushing..I have a bladder that opposite of a camel, so I have to go to the toilet just before I get on the plane and my worst fear is being late and then having to go to the toilet and hearing ” could a MR Eamon Wood make his way to the gate please”. That means I have to get on the plane and to my seat while everyone watches from their seat…Nightmare-ish stuff. 

Well I avoided all that and on the plane, America here I come. 


My Heart broke today, I live in a fantasy land where everyone treats everyone how they would like to be treated…that a Human is a Human, and that when we look at each other we see other Humans..not races, social statuses. So far I want to cry about how people were treating each other, people pushing in front of people, no-one helping one another and where I stayed in New Jersey, I was the only white person….There are still places segregated? I couldn’t believe it and even worse I could feel people felt they were hard done by, that whatever past there was, that people still lingered on it.

It feels poisonous, and I need to leave now.I feel like a innocent child having their innocence blanket ripped from their eyes. I Definetly need to find some positivity …ASAP


I cant leave that last paragraph in as the end to this post, The vibe got better as I left Newark,NJ. Philadelphia , the city of brotherly love, was the perfect place to go.

I couldnt buy a van like I had wanted so that threw my whole plan out for the trip, My plan to buy a van and vagabond around with my guitar and basketball chair, playing guitar and playing basketball all over the USA and sleeping in the van was out the window…I’m definetly having to be cautious of money now, I cant even afford to stay in hostels now if I want to last the 3 months I’m here. 

But we humans are master adapters, and i’ve had alot of practice in my life. So after a few days of being flustered and trying to make it work…I adapt and spend a week in a hostel in Philadelphia away from Newark to figure it out. I was also flustered on how to travel with my basketball chair now too,  I have nowhere to leave it so I caught an Uber, which was expensive and in retrospect after having had used the trains now I should have caught a train.

I spend a week socializing, and trying to figure it out…I want to travel this way, the way of freedom so I have to accept things not being organized and having to adapt. It makes for good stories too haha. I had my first workaway reply! saying yes that they have me for a couple weeks and that I would be painting radiators…at this stage I will do anything to not pay for accomadation. I had emailed so many places in the UK and being in a chair and without any references, I dont think people know whether they would have to help me with everything…I just needed one person to say yes, and now I have it!. 

I had to adapt from my van and becoming a professional basketball player in the states idea, into a workawayer …travelling around the US this way. 

All experince has its worth, even if its not the kind you intended to have. 

Wayward wheeling – A blog of my Travels

Looking at my cake, 10 candles on it. This is when I remember the first wish I ever made…totally innocent to the world. Looking over the beautiful native bush of the west coast of the south island, I can see the other side of the valley and the river between this housebus and itself. I wished/prayed..spoke to the universe from my head, and the whole of belief of my heart to whatever was listening. pressing my eyelids together, took a breath and made my wish… I was happy but was in search for more.

This isnt about sadness, or me being in a chair… its about having a chance to view the world from a different perspective. So this blog is to follow me while im travelling, to laugh and love with me as I figure it all out. 

I had a car accident when i was 4 and a half, mum fell asleep at the wheel and the car drove off a bank in between nelson and motueka in New Zealand. Im in a wheelchair and have been since, as a quick run down as to how my body functions..it was my lower part of my spinal cord that was damaged. I can move my legs a little bit. i can only engage a couple of muscles in them faintly, but as someone in a chair who meets other people in chairs and all ranges of disabilities, the smallest of functions help with everyday life e.g. transfering, balance etc, we can all be thankful for something that someone else may not have. 

My whole life since my first wish Ive been searching, For happiness, fulfillment …something that made it all worth it. I’ve found it in sports, love, friends, career, learning, music, beauty, simplicity, challenge, fear. Now im searching through the experience of travel, the chance to put myself out to the world and see how it replies to the questions im asking.