Time to get lost – But on purpose

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing​ where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it”

Next week I’m heading down the east coast from snowy Pennsylvania to sunny Florida. My goal is to get lost in the wilderness,  So I’m making my way either to Arizona to get lost in the desert or Colorado to get lost in the mountains. I have a Tent, sleeping bag and everything I should need packed away in the backpack. 

28 last month, and I feel that the less I search..the happier I am. 22 was around when I decided that I was going to work towards less. That instead of making life more complicated I was going to work towards making it simpler, which meant working backwards. To get a area of freedom, I would need land. To buy land, I would need money and to get money I needed a way to make it, so it seemed anyway. So in my early to mid twenties I busted my arse, I finished my apprecnticeship in engineering after a few years and worked with the same company for a total 6 years. I trained ALOT, travelling and playing tennis and basketball at a international level. 

The challenge was to not get caught up in it all, to remember that it was simplicity I was working towards. To remember that I didn’t need a mansion or fast cars. To remind myself, I would go lay on the grass and watch the sky or the trees..Existing in the moment, forgetting about what we are all working so hard to get. Looking at the sky would always dwarf me too and put me back into place, and keep me wondering what was really important…What is really important? I’d love to hear some ideas, seriously. 

So wilderness here I come, be ready. 
“The tolerance for uncertainty is the prerequisite to succeeding”